Are You Protecting Yourself?

      As you notice summer coming to an end and fall begins to transition in, we continue to feel the changes happening around us.  Whether it has been figuring out what back to school looks like, how to continue to pay bills when the federal aid stops, or how life is going to change after the election.  There continues to be a feeling of uncertainty and unpleasant change.  A client of mine summed it up well, I believe, as 2020 was compared to spending a year at a theme park visiting all the different roller coasters.  They said, “It’s not that I am surprised by things getting all jumbled at this point. I am just learning to buckle my seat bell sooner and trusting that the ride will be over shortly.”

            This prompted my thoughts for this blog.  How are people buckling their seat bells?  Although this is a metaphor, now is a time when taking care of ourselves is vitally important for our emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.  Most think of protection as ways to keep our physical bodies safe and healthy, but there is also a need to protect our emotional and mental wellbeing.  Here are some of the top ways to do that.

  • Limit Your Screen Time

Although our world is changing to being more virtual, all good things come in moderation.  Finding ways to unplug from screens and engage in the world are vital for our brains to function properly.  Allowing yourself to find peace and pleasure in other ways helps increase your cognitive ability to manage emotions as well as combat thoughts and feelings of guilt and shame.

  • Find Time To Be In Nature

As we disconnect from electronics, taking some time to be in nature helps connect our energetic meridians to those of the earth.  For most it happens unconsciously by just being in nature.  Taking your shoes off and feeling the grass, dirt, sand, or whatever EARTH is below you, is a simple way of allowing your system to reboot. 

A trick to fully immersing yourself into all that nature has to offer is by being still and checking in with your senses.  What do you see, hear, taste, touch/feel, and smell.  Allowing your mind to clear of all other noise, and focusing on the answer to your senses will instantly bring you back into balance with more clarity on what is important to you at this moment. 

Not able to go to your favorite place in nature?  No worries!  Science has proven again and again that mental imagery is as powerful as being there, and that our brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  I will frequently take breaks in my day to connect to a memory of being at the beach and allow my senses to connect me with the freedom of being on vacation.  After 5-10 mins, I can feel my entire body shift.  I feel less anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed, as well as having more clarity on what is realistic for me to accomplish in this moment and what will have to wait.

  • Be Aware Of What You Need

This is hard for most people because what they need is usually covered up with “should.”  I should finish this.  I should do that.  I should stop being lazy.  While “should” can help us be productive in life, it “shouldn’t” be the only thing we listen to.  There are a lot of changes happening from our American culture to our home lives, and energetically within us and throughout Mother Earth.  As all these shifts take place, giving yourself permission, which comes through empathy and grace, to take care of yourself is important.  Just as times seems to speed up and slow down, so can we.  It’s amazing how consistently we become more effective and productive after taking time to care for ourselves. 

  • Stop Shaming Thoughts

This is usually what happens when we say “No!” to a “should.”  Most tend to feel shame or guilt for not doing “what they are supposed to.”  This is a hard thing to practice, so don’t hesitant to reach out for help.  When I meet with clients, I can usually name the underlying cause of the shaming thought in a session or two, sometimes even in the free consult.  My goal is to help empower clients, and so naming where it comes from allows the person to change their perspective from being stuck in the shaming thought and associated physical feelings to one that is empowered to let go of anchors they have developed over their lifetime allowing them to create a new future, free of those anchors.

Scientifically we have learned that our amygdala, a small part of our brain which is commonly referred to as the danger button, oversees our fight, flight, or freeze response.  Also, it’s primary job is to assess for danger.  It doesn’t have to process as many things as our frontal lobe, so if it senses danger it starts to respond in a way of protection until the frontal lobe can catch up and confirm or deny the perceived danger.  Why is this important because it is highly trainable.  If there is something that happens in your life that stores as a memory of something that was unpleasant, you brain will begin to look for those “dangerous” situations, and unconsciously respond.  With the development of the internet, we are now bombarded with tragedies that are happening in our town, city, state, country, and throughout the world.  There is a higher level of fear that also trains our amygdala.

Although this is a way to survive, it is also a way to continue reliving the past and recreating the same unpleasant situation in your life.  Being able to name it and see where it comes from, allows you to be more specific on what the danger was and determine if it is still relevant in your life.

  • Take Breaks From News and Social Media

During this time, it is important to allow yourself a chance to take breaks from new articles and programs, as well as social media.  During election years we are always bombarded with negative things that work to enrage us against one side and make us want to vote for the other side.  Although this political strategy has been used for decades, right now we are becoming more emotionally intelligent.  Rather than responding to the emotions being invoked inside of us, we can choose to respond in a logical way of gaining more insight and finding the facts.

These are just 5 of the ways we can protect ourselves during these times.  Please feel free to reach out for more support if you would like.  I offer a free consultation that will leave you with clarity on how these changing times are impacting you and anchors you are ready to let go of.  Contact me by phone or text at 720-767-1994, email at, or on my website


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